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UAFT has been representing University Faculty since 1973.

The Union office is located on the UAA campus in Anchorage in the Professional Studies Building, (PSB) room 214. This is the building nearest the intersection of Lake Otis Parkway and 36th Avenue. If you are in Anchorage, please feel free to come by and say hello.

President: Tim Powers, UAS, Juneau
1st Vice President: Rick McDonald, CTC, Fairbanks
2nd Vice President: Marcia Stratton, UAA, Anchorage
Secretary-Treasurer: Kate Quick, UAF, Interior

September 5, 2016

Union Merger?? Yes, we are still working on having UAFT join with United Academics to form one union of full-time faculty (which would be represented by UnAc).  Your campus rep will be briefing you on this as things develop.

March 12, 2016


The procedures for the Election of Officers can be found in Article IV of the Constitution and are summarized below:

Ballots will be emailed to all members no later than March 14, 2016.
Ballots must be returned via email following the instructions provided. The email will specify when ballots are due.  Please note that voting by email will allow for an anonymous ballot if you complete your ballot and return it as an attachment to your email as instructed below:
1) Open the ballot that was emailed to you (it is a Microsoft Word document)
2) Cast your votes
3) Save the completed ballot on your computer
4) Attach the completed ballot to an email and send it to the Union office at:  uaa_uaft@uaa.alaska.edu.
Be sure your return email includes your name so we can verify you have paid your membership dues and are eligible to vote.  Once eligibility has been established, the ballot will be printed and placed in the ballot box without any attribution as to whom it was received from.

You may also just return your email with the ballot by hitting reply and noting your votes on your email.  By voting using this method, it will not be anonymous because your identity will be on the ballot.

Candidate Information Sheets:
Tim Powers - President
Rick McDonald - 1st Vice President
Marcia Stratton - 2nd Vice President
Kate Quick - Secretary-Treasurer

March 7, 2016
Decision Reached in UAFT Appeal of ALRA Decision 

The Alaska Superior Court has rendered its decision on our appeal of the Alaska Labor Relations Agency's decision regarding the unit definition of UAFT.
The Case:
If you forgot, this decision stems from a complaint made by United Academics regarding UAFT faculty teaching upper division courses at “main” campus locations. The ARLA decision, which we appealed, reached even into the rural campuses (despite a stipulation agreed to by all parties that faculty at the rural campuses were not part of the case) and determined that ANY full-time faculty teaching in a four-year program should be placed in United Academics. The Alaska Superior Court upheld the decision by ALRA. Here is the decision for those interested in reading it).
UAFT Action:
The Executive Board and Officers of UAFT, in consultation with our legal team, agreed that the best course of action is to appeal this decision to the Alaska Supreme Court. Additionally, UAFT has requested a stay of implementation so that members are not moved into United Academics now, only to possibly be moved back into UAFT pending the Supreme Court decision. 

Currently UAFT and United Academics leadership have agreed to hold meetings to discuss forming one faculty union that represents all full-time faculty.  If agreement can be reached, we can stop the appeal from going forward.
If you have questions, bring those to the attention of your Campus Representative.

March 16, 2015

UAFT Workload Form

February 5, 2015

It is with great pleasure that I pass on to you notification that the University of Alaska Board of Regents has accepted the new Collective bargaining Agreement. That means that the new agreement is now in full force. Your first stop for clarifying questions should be your campus representative. I am hoping to get out to campuses throughout the spring to go over the new CBA with you. Please download this version of the CBA which reflects a few more minor corrections, such as inserting a "the" into a sentence.

August 28, 2014

ALRA Decision and Order 301
The decision from the Alaska Labor Relations Agency (ALRA) has finally been rendered.  Here is a link to the decision: ALRA Decision and Order 301.  The UAFT has appealed this decision and a stay of implementation has been approved until the appeal has worked its way through the courts.  Bottom line, using my Coast Guard lingo – proceed as Ops Normal until you hear anything differently.  That means that you will remain a part of UAFT as the appeal process progresses or you are notified otherwise.


Negotiations have begun on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement. Your team members are: Tim Powers (UAS), Joe Mason (UAF), Trish Jenkins (UAA), and Nancy Bish (Union Office). Negotiation sessions are scheduled most weeks throughout the semester, all day Wednesday and Thursday in Anchorage.

UAFT Office News

UAFT office news: Loooooooong time faculty member (39 1.2 years) Nancy Bish has retired from University service. Nancy has served our Union (ACCFT and UAFT) for the past 17 years as Secretary/Treasurer and has been a member since 1975! That is probably longer than some of you have even been alive! Nancy has served the Union exceptionally through keeping the financials in order, running the office, serving on negotiating times, and keeping up the never-ending fight with University management as they continuously try to erode our rights. Please stop by the office or drop Nancy an email or phone call to express your gratitude. Luckily, we won't miss her too much as she has agreed to continue working the Union as the UAFT Office Manager. Yes, she will still be the one answering your emails and phone calls. Nancy, thank you for your compassion, joviality, and strong Union support.

Tim Powers
President UAFT, Local 2404